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JAFA JOURNEYS IN INDIA: Travel India with Dr. Navina Jafa

Jafa Journeys: Untold Stories on India:

  • You can register by email to get information on the forthcoming tours in Delhi and outside to other parts of India.
  • Dr. Jafa can be commissioned to lead a study tour anywhere in India


  • Each Jafa Journey is about exclusivity in group size not more than 10-12 persons; Registrations only after submission of the required form. Journeys with children will be specified.
  • The Travel program comprises of multilayered narratives and each trajectory of a region is presented through themes.
  • Jafa Journeys brings in the Live Cultural Traditions and weaves in with the presentations of Archaeological Sites.
  • Jafa Journeys uses Performances to highlight inherent concepts of Heritage.
  • Jafa Journeys brings in works and lectures by specialists on Natural, Cultural and Digital Heritage.
  • Jafa Journeys highlights opportunities to participate in Development programs. Each Journey incorporates ways participants could engage with Grass-roots program on traditional skills and Development initiatives by Civil Society organizations.
  • Upfront payment, we send you the cancellation policy when engage for registering.


  1. Kindly send your on-line queries with particulars of requirement.
  2. For high level delegations direct contact can be made and exclusive prices as well as special researched narratives are developed.
  3. For registering for the tours that Dr. Jafa is offering, send us ​an emai​l​​.