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  • Performing Heritage – Art of Exhibit Walks – 2012- SAGE (Book)
  • ‘Abhyas and Riyas in Indo Islamic Traditions of North Performing Arts’ The Habitat Cener’s Art Journal April-March 2008 (Article)
  • ‘Dynamics of Storytelling through Performance’ Writer and Illustrator, Quarterly Journal pf Association of Writers & Illustrators for Children- (Article)
  • ‘Michael Jackson: a victim of existential capitalism’ - Sri Lanka Guardian ...... Read more...
  • ‘Public Spaces Private Claim’ – Indian Express..... Read more....
  • Tawaif – Courtesans in North India in Attendance The Dance Annual of India, 2003-04
  • Pots of Blessing .... Read more....
  • "Cultural Spaces: Changing Mindsets & Exploring New Horizons" – Lecture- Habitat Center, New Delhi, 2001
  • Brokering Indian Culture In The United States: Perspectives On Cultural Management’ – Lecture Habitat Center 2006
  • Challenging the Understanding of Soft Power in India ..... Read more....
  • Politicization of Culture: Sufism A Binding Spirit: In SAIS The Paul H. Nitze School Of Advanced International Studies, Washington DC, 2006 – Lecture
  • U.S.-Indian cultural diplomacy at Johns Hopkins University's Paul H. Nitze School of Advanced International Studies.
  • a PAPER ON Sociology of Tawaifs – Courtesans in South Asia on Seminar titled Valuing Women in Arts: Women of South Asia – John Hopkins University
  • Cultural navinaions for Trust Building: Conflict Transformation organized by Women in Security, Conflict Management and Peace (WISCOMP)the Foundation for Universal Responsibility, 2007
  • The Central Asian Antecedence of Kathak- Internation Conferrence on the “Russian factor in central Asia Cultural” at Jamia 2012. Read more...
  • Audio Visual imaginary in Kathak- Seminar Paramapara-pravah India International Center 2011
Figure 1 : Dr. Navina Jafa
Figure 2 :Debating Anthropology of Trans genders - Delhi
Figure 3 :Lecture on Architecture & Public Diplomacy forState Secretary Jacques de Watteville of Switzerland
Figure 4 :Holi in Vrindavan
Figure 5 :Varanasi
Figure 6 :Sikkim - Orchid Farm