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Discover India with Dr. Jafa

Dr. Jafa is available to lead Travel programs as a Study Leader for the following Destinations

Agra: FatehpurSikri- Sikandra: Taj- A statement of Metaphysical Architecture, Delinked Cosmopolitan Mercantile City comprising of Bazaars, Armenians, Dutch and European Mercenaries & Making of the Great Mughal Emperor -Akbar

Ahmedabad: Textiles, Array of Architecture (medieval stepwells, Temples – Regional Islamic Architecture, Glimpses of Jain & Domestic glimpses to marvels of modern architects – Luis Kahn) To Making of Gandhi

Amritsar: Assertion of Sikhism (from rituals to cuisine), Events of National Movement, and City walks to comprehend domestic architecture, idiosyncrasies of Maharajas

Assam: Civilization along the Brahmaputra – Cultures of Mother Goddesses, Assertion of Feminism through weaving, Cultures of Indigenous communities, Debating life in Sand Bar Islands, Conserving Wild Life assertion of organic farming, Primary Health on Boat Clinics.

Bengaluru- Hampi- Ahihole- Padakkal- Badami: Affirming Power – Temples, cities & Bazaars of Hindu Sultans, Merchants Guilds, Mythological Landscapes along the Tungabhadra River.

Chandigarh- Anandpur Sahab: From Celebrating Martial Festival of Sikhs to the making of a New Capital in Free India by Le Corbusier.

Delhi-Making Remaking the Capital of India – A Multilayered narrative on different Heritagescapes through a choice of thematic city walks.

Gwalior – The Axis of Trade routes – Defense Architecture – Mercantile heritage to Maharajas interface with the European Culture.

Indore- Ujjain-Mandu- Maheshwar: Central India – ancient capital of Time – of Medieval Afghan Kings, Creation of Sacred Geography to Celebrating the power of Hand-loom.

Jaipur – Abhaneri - Bhangarh:Making of City with Mercantile Power- Art, Power & City building.

Jodhpur – Osian - Nagore: Making of City with Mercantile Power, - Art, Cuisine, Power, City building, Sufism & Culture of the Thar Desert.

Kahjuraho:Decoding a Tantric Site – Beyond Erotic Celebrating Feminism.

Kerala:Footprints of Syrian Christians, Jews, Arabs , of Spices & Power Politics, Martial Arts, Scientific Performing Arts , ancient Rituals, Culture of Temple Elephants to Exorcist powers.

Kutch-Salt Desert:From History of Arabian Sea to Geopolitics of a Salt Desert- Celebrating Human Spirit & Skills in the Salt Desert.

Lucknow : From decadent Oriental Maharajas, Making of a Colonial City to Affirmation of the Power of Backward Classes – A Dynamic City of Indian Politics.

Orcha:Where Valour, Romance & Rituals come alive in Stone – Forts, Palaces & Temples of the Bundela Rajputs.

Orissa:From the History of Chilka Lake in the Indian Ocean – A passage to South East Asia, Buddhist Trails, & honoring the magic of human hand- Handicrafts.

Pushkar-Ajmer- Bundi :Myth of the Lord of Creation, Citadel of Sufism to Gothic Painted Forts & Palaces.

Sikkim: Where Buddha awakens in the Evergreen Forests, Rituals of Mountains and Honoring Environments- the Green State of India.

Spiti-Tabo-Nako :From Hinduism in Himalayas to Little Travelled Buddhist Trails.

Srinagar: Celebrating Poetry, Syncretic cultures, Sufism and crafts amidst Conflict.

Tamilnadu-Pondicherry: Pristine Hindu Art, Affirming Humanism by a 20th philosopher to the French intervention.

Udaipur-Dungarpur:Mt. Abu – Ranakpur – The Mighty Lineage of Rajputs, to Jain Splendor in Architecture.

Varanasi- Sarnath: Land of Salvation – Introducing Hinduism Budhhism Jainism and pragmatic history of trade and commerce in the religious landscape.

Vrindavan – Deeg The Theme park of Krishna to a spectacular Water Palace.

Creating Special Heritage Experiences – Mango Tour, Tours on Festivals, Special Buddhist Trails.