“Dr. Navina Jafa is a unique Heritage Presenter – Her presentations package incorporate an In-depth, holistic and interpretative narrative that covers the multilayered (cultural, historical, political, philosophical and sociological) perception on different cities and regions of India…these are presented with personal warmth, impromptu and are unimagined experiences. She builds in encounters with fasinating people, entry into places completely unknown or out of bounds, and special emphasis on local gastronomy…
” — Muthuswamy Varadhrajan, former Secretary of Culture, Government of India and Former President of Alliance de Francaise - Delhi

Ladakh - I would like to thank you ever so much for the absolutely amazing tour you crafted for us. I enjoyed it immensely and this is definitely one the most memorable trips I made! The opportunity to get to know the Ladakhi culture in all its colours, shapes and the different facets of its ancient history was a great privilege for me. You really went out of your way in so many ways to make us feel comfortable and to learn and discover the diversity of this unique part of the world which was truly remarkable! 
Thank you so much once again and to all those who worked with you to make this incredible trip a reality!
— Valeria Oliveira Cruz, Department of Global Heath, ​WHO- Bangladesh​

Ajanta Ellora - “Ajanta & Ellora were magical, especially with Navina whose personal touch and in depth knowledge of Buddhism, Hinduism & Jainism intensifies the Indian Experience.This time it was a spellbinding views of the caves from across the gorge, then the approach through meadows with wild flowers and goat herds, and then the comprehensive explanations. Unforgettable! ...Elizabeth Thornhill, Embassy of the United States of America”

— http://www.livemint.com/articles/keywords.aspx?kw=Ellora

Ahemadabad, Gujarat - “Yet another spectacular tour by Navina, one that brings to life yet another dimension of the Indian Civilization. You will not regret registering. The commentaries are deeply researched and communicated with passion. From world heritage sites of Sun temple, complex step-wells, to Gandhi and the ‘smart city’ of Modi. It was so wonderful to walk the old heritage, and new conceptual ideas of fascinating museums of textiles, utensils and kites… thank you Navina!...”
— Yael Chaplin, NGO worker from Israel

Travel to Kutch the Salt Desert -“Amazing unfolding of India by an amazing Academic storyteller. Kutch is like a dream replaying human tenacity and ingenuity. It is a dialogue with challenges of nature, and a spiritual manifestation of women empowerment, of craft skills, traditional knowledge and the will to survive… Thank you Navina!” 

—Cushla Geary, Jewelry Designer from New Zealand based in Paris...

On Varanasi- “For anyone who wants to know this complex country a visit to chaotic Varanasi is a must. I had traveled on my own before, but little did I know, that the experience with Dr. Jafa opened so many more windows. To visit the Tibetan Institute, or an NGO working on cleaning the Ganges or conserving heritage and top it all a visit to an old house where the legendary Beatles found their Nirvana were unforgettable; but most impressive was the adventure across the Ganges to view the epic of Ramayana played out...Yes Gods had come... and it was magical. Do not miss this opportunity to not only see, but get the in-depth explanation...."
— Elizabeth Thornhill, US Embassy.

Gwalior- “Decoding India can be a challenge and Navina is a master - The Magnificent Bamiyan like Jain Statues in the rock of the hill of the fort, tales of dancing girls in perforated screens, architectural wonders of Hindu Temples, and European Maharajas… Gwalior is a Must!”….Tore Zetterberg 

— Embassy of Sweden, New Delhi

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